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Presentation Instructions

Oral Presentations

The duration of a presentation slot is 20 minutes. You will have 15 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.

A LCD projector & computer (Windows 10, MS Powerpoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader) will be available in every session room for regular presentations. Please bring your presentation on a USB, as well as email it to yourself so you have a backup.

Preparation of Visuals:

PLEASE NOTE THAT INDIVIDUALS USING COMPUTER PROJECTION MUST BRING A MEMORY STICK CONTAINING THEIR PRESENTATION. Files can be uploaded to the local PCs in the lecture rooms during the breaks before the session. To avoid software compatibility problems (MS Powerpoint), speakers are advised to bring a .ppt or .pptx and a PDF-version of their presentation.

Speakers should arrive in their session room 15 minutes BEFORE the start of their session to report to the Session Chair. If you are presenting during a session which does not have a break before it, report to your presentation room 15 minutes prior to the session before yours.

Poster Presentations

Posters should be put up at least 4 hours prior to the poster session you are scheduled in. Authors are expected to attend the poster session as scheduled in the program.

The placement of your poster will be marked on the panel, where it will be presented with a poster number indicated in the Program. The maximum usable area is 45in x 45in.

Please include a 5 cm x 5 cm photo of the presenter in the upper right-hand corner of the poster and underline the name of the presenter in the author listing.

Push pins will be provided to affix posters to the poster panel.

Posters must be removed at the end of each poster session.

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