Title of the panel IEEE BHI – BSN 2021 “Clinical/Translational panel”  
Chair Athanasios G. Tzioufas
affiliation Professor of Rheumatology, Medical School, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
email address agtzi@med.uoa.gr
Doris-Eva Bamiou, Professor in Neuroaudiology – UCL Ear Institute

Title of Presentation: Trends in telerehabilitation for balance patients

Elazer R. Edelman MD PhD FACC, Edward J. Poitras Professor, Medical Engineering and Science, Director, Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Senior Attending Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Title of Presentation: “In Silico Medicine: AI in Cardiovascular Devices – Evolution / Revolution”

Biosketch: Elazer R. Edelman, is the Director of the Institute of Medical Engineering and Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is also Director of the Clinical Research Center, and the current occupant of the Edward J. Poitras Chair as Professor of Medical Engineering and Science. At Harvard Medical School he is Professor of Medicine, and Senior Attending Physician in the cardiac intensive care unit at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

His research melds clinical and medical training, focusing on how tissue architecture and local biochemical, biomechanical and flow dynamic regulation maintain homeostasis. He and his students have used fluid and hemodynamics to guide basic scientific investigation of vascular signaling and repair on multiple scales and dimensions, and in the applied realm to guide the development of critical clinical devices from endovascular implants to mechanical cardiovascular support devices. His clinical work utilizes these findings to care for people critically ill with instabilities in flow and perfusion. He has mentored some 330 students and fellows who have ascended to leadership positions in academia, industry and government.

Edelman is fellow of the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, American Society for Clinical Investigation, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Medicine, National Academy of Engineering and National Academy of Inventors. As Chief Scientific Advisor of Science: Translational Medicine and member of the FDA Scientific Board he has set the tone for the national debate on translational research and innovation.

Maria Teresa Arredondo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Title of Presentation: Towards data driven decision making in clinical practice for better health and well-being

Norbert Graf, Saarland University, Dep. Pediatric Oncology and Hematology

Title of Presentation: View on clinical informatics from a clinical perspective

Peter Stone, MD, Director, Vascular Profiling Research Group, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA  USA

Title of Presentation: Coronary Plaque Anatomic and Biomechanical Variables Are Synergistic for Prognostication of Individual Plaque Progression, Destabilization, or Quiescence: Mechanisms and Detection

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